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NETworking • Trevor Miller // Main Session 1
Trevor Miller is a graduate of Columbia International University where he earned his degrees in youth ministry, outdoor leadership and Bible. He has a background working in student ministry for the past 11 years and currently serves as the Pastor of Students and Young Adults for Mt. Horeb UMC in Lexington, SC. Trevor has a passion for creatively communicating the transforming power of the gospel. He and his wife, Jenna, currently reside in Lexington with their 2 boys, Eli and Owen.

Pastor of Students and Young Adults at Mt. Horeb UMC
B.S., Columbia International University 

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SOUL CARE • Dr. David Olshine // Main Session 2
Dr. Olshine joined the CIU faculty in 1993. He has taught Youth Ministry, Family, and Culture from 2010 until the present. Before coming to Columbia, he served as minister of youth, associate pastor, and senior pastor in Ohio and Oklahoma. He has authored or co-authored more than 18 books.

Professor of Youth Ministry, Family, and Culture.
B.G.S., Ohio University; M.Div., Asbury Theological Seminary; D.Min., The Eastern Baptist Seminary 


Family in 2017 • Rev. Meghan Cook
Traditional families, divorced families, co-parenting families, single parent families, same sex parent families, extended families, foster families, blended families, special needs families….we can go on and on. They’re all God’s Families.

So, how do we appeal to and help make all kinds of families feel welcomed, valued and safe in today’s church? What does hospitality look like? What does inclusion look like? Want to avoid some common pitfalls and challenges? How do we celebrate each family? Come be a part of the discussion.

Pastor at Epworth Children’s Home
M.Div., M.A.C.E. (Master of Arts in Christian Education)

Using Media and Production in Student Ministry • Carl Barnhill
Any worship experience you create should not be a combination of disjointed items, but rather a flow of connected expressions that that your students on a journey. In this class you’ll be exposed to the powerful medium of media and the need for high-quality worship experiences. We’ll cover the Theology of Media Production, Assessing the Need of Production – where we’ll talk about the size of your ministry and your budget, and affordable ways to outsource your Production Needs. We’ll also load you up with tons of practical resources including blogs, podcasts, websites, books and more to take your knowledge of media to the next level. We’ll also look at some Case Studies of how to produce an exciting, engaging sermon series from scratch. If you are looking to transform your student worship experiences, this is the breakout for you.

Owner and Creative Director of [twelve:thirty]media and Host of The Church Media Podcast

Supporting LGBTQI Youth • Dr. Alex Karydi
For thousands of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning, and Intersex (LGBTQI) youth and young adults in the United States, daily life is fraught with perils that no person should have to face, such as severe harassment in school, rejection from family, and not knowing where they will sleep at night. These factors affect their health, well-being, and ability to function within the school system. Many LGBTQI individuals are coming in contact with the systems of care, such as the child welfare system and foster care.

This session provides a review of the three key barriers for LGBTQI youth and young adults—bullying, family rejection, and homelessness—and brings participants up to speed on recent research and provide them with tools to be competent and empowered in working with LGBTQI populations.

Project Director for the SC Youth Suicide Prevention Initiative
M.A. in Clinical Psychology; Ph.D. in Clinical Sexology; Ph.D. in Marriage and Family Therapy

Developing a Vision for Your Student Ministry • Rev. Matt Densky
It’s easy to keep busy in ministry. Often times we do, without really thinking through what we are doing, or why we are doing. Don’t get caught up with simply going through the motions, instead be proactive in identifying a vision for your student ministry. This will help you as you plan and move forward, execute with purpose and evaluate all that your ministry is doing.

Student Ministry Pastor at Fellowship Greenville
B.S., Columbia International 
University; M.Div, Columbia International University

Tag Team Youth Ministry – 20 Great Ways to Partner with Parents • Dr. David Olshine
The Most powerful influence in the life of a teenager is his or her family. Youth ministries that are healthy find ways to equip parents, involve them and provide practical ways to help parents be effective in nurturers of their teenagers.
Come discover 20 great ways to partner with parents.

Professor of Youth Ministry, Family, and Culture.
B.G.S., Ohio University; M.Div., Asbury Theological Seminary; D.Min., The Eastern Baptist Seminary 

Adolescent Brain Development • Rev. John Holler
Come check out some of the latest research on how our brains develop and what aids or hinders that brain development. We will also explore how brain development affects behavior and how we can get better gauge developmentally appropriate behavior and activities for youth.

We will also examine how trauma and adverse experiences relate to brain development, emotional maturity and spiritual development.

President, CEO Epworth Children’s Home; M.Div, Ed. S. 

Social Media in Student Ministrys • Daniel “stallion” Stevanus
If you are in student ministry, technology is most likely a part of your daily life! From use in a service, conducting meetings, emailing parents… not to mention promoting events and connecting with students, everything revolves around the use of technology. The good news is, this doesn’t have to be a stressful part of your job. Learn more about how you can have a wider and more effective reach through the use of simple technology in your ministry.

Middle School Youth Director at Mt. Horeb United Methodist Church
B.S. Columbia International University

It’s Not All About Numbers • Jason Barrs and Jon Shrack and Chris Lynch
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